If it’s Writarrhea, then I think it could be going around. (A Parody)

Hemingway House, Key West, FL; photo by Richard Semik

I haven’t been on Medium long. It’s about six months since I joined, which seems short to me. So you’ll have to humor me a little as I tell you a funny story of how I contracted a bad case of writarrhea and couldn’t stop writing — it wasn’t good. But I feel better now.

I had been poking around and sticking my nose into places where I shouldn’t have gone. After I learned how to delete a story on Medium before I had saved it, I realized I needed to get advice and meet some other writers here. So…

Maybe you’ve taken up knitting too

photo by By Nataliia Pyzhova

I see many great stories on AOE that fit this idea of story writing as a form of knitting.

I recently wrote a story about gun violence and gun ownership. But I decided not to submit it to any publication because I was afraid most readers would be turned off by talk of gun ownership and it’s personal for me. It’s a remembrance of my grandfather. So I self-published it for my extended family and sent them a free link because none of them are on this platform.

I had decided to use the importance of my grandfather’s life to…

And my toe into other big and little stories I like about writing.

Crossing the Millstone River in ANF; photo by author

No one ever steps in the same river twice, for its not the same river and they’re not the same person.

Heraclitus (gender-neutral)

In my photo above, I’m crossing the Millstone River with my muddy boots tied together and slung across my shoulder — hiking pole in one hand and Pixel phone camera in the other. I’m sure others have crossed here too. But that was then, and it’s me who’s stepping in now.

That’s how I feel about Jeff Bezo’s story and sharing my take on the importance of writing in business. That story has flowed through the…

Finding a country and city solution to gun violence.

photo by romankosolapov

I own a German-made 9mm Heckler & Koch P30L with a clever safety decocking mechanism that still gives me pause when I press it if there’s a round in the chamber.

I’m not telling you this as a not-so-disguised warning to stay away from my home, like the clever sayings you see on those embroidered signs in a charming country gift store:

This home is protected by Smith & Wesson


Gun Control means using both hands.

Hunting With My Grandfather

My grandfather was born in the fall of 1916, which is small game season in Pennsylvania. He was tall, quiet, and hardworking. At…

In the meantime, it’s clear we have a lot of problems with mixing.

Mississippi State Memorial, Gettysburg Battlefield; photo, Wikimedia Commons

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. …when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

- Abraham Lincoln

I’m 58, semi-retired, and using the semi-time to take motorcycle camping trips. I’m currently planning my next ride, which will go through Gettysburg, PA, the high water mark for the Civil War. It’s there at Cemetery Ridge that Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, along with the South, was finally in retreat.

It made me think back to my…

Semi-retired, Mgt Advisor, Board Member, One-up Motorcycle Road-Tripping

A flashback to a bad Charlton Heston movie, Soylent Green, was my reaction to our twenty-something daughter’s justifiable frustrations and fears over the divisions in our country, which she thinks are mostly generational issues and that older people just need to “move on.”

Was she talking about me?

photos by author

You can learn a lot about me from that extra-long sentence. I’m nearly sixty. Spoiler alert — Soylent Green was a 1973 B-movie about turning old people into eatable green bars to solve world hunger when they outlived their usefulness.

So, you can surmise that I’m concerned about remaining useful. I’m a…

I’ve reinvented myself three times in my first six months on Medium. Isn’t it grand!

photo by anna bernhart/EyeEm (adobe)

I’ve just pressed “delete” on my Medium Publication MME (Mid-Market Exec), and it feels good to do that.

I was like a spider growing weary as would-be clients were flying past my thoughtfully knitted web that was coming undone for lack of care. I had spent a week or so on Canva building an avatar, logo, and banner in Halloween black and orange that I had nervously modeled for my wife. She approved.

I’m not a graphic artist, but Canva made it easy for my purposes, and it actually came out well (trust me, my wife has good taste). I…

Doug Keeports

nonfiction, storytelling, motorcycle road-tripping after fifty.

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